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Чит для BF3 Simple Battefield 3 Hack v2.7(ZLO/Origin)
19.11.2015, 22:26

Чит для BF3 Simple Battefield 3 Hack v2.7(ZLO/Origin)

- Mouse-Menu (toggle menu with DEL, click the feature you want to enable/disable)
- or Button-Menu (navigate with arrow keys and toggle a feature with ENTER)
- PBSS Blocker (blocks the Punkbuster Screenshot)
- Auto Spot (spots every enemy)
- Perfect Jet (keep your jet velocity at 313)
- Auto StandUp (instantly accept any revive)
- No Recoil (you don't have any recoil (and no shake))
- No Spread (you don't have any spread)
- No Breath (no sway while zooming)
- No Sway (no sway on acog zoom)
- Instant Kill (Oneshot for Soldier and Vehicle Weapon)
- Instant Bullet (also known as "Instant Hit", for Soldier and Vehicle Weapon)
- Magic Bullets (shoot through walls (only Soldier Weapon!))
- Weapon Exchange (select your weapon with INSERT | shoot with a weapon but kills with another weapon/gadget)
- ESP2D (with boxes, health, names, distance, bones)
- Minimap Hack (every soldier, vehicle, explosive stuff is spotted on map)
- Force Squad Spawn (you can spawn on your squad, even in TDM)
- basic Soldier-/Footaimbot (right MB is aimkey)

Setting for:

[Изображение: VrIoQg1.png]
ZLoBF3 (If your game crashing not use Manual Map)


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