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Dark Overlay x64 v2 - External Multihack by tejisav
24.10.2015, 22:06

Dark Overlay x64 v2 - External Multihack by tejisav

Notes :
Many Features Have FF Risk.(много функций имеют риск ну быть забаненым)
No Sky And No Fog Will Be Visible In PB Screenshot(будут видны на скриншотах)
No Visibility Check For Vehicle Aimbot
Weapon ID Changer Only Works With Soldier One Hit Kill
Choose A Weapon Slot Other Than Primary Or Secondary And Press Delete To Change ID Otherwise Default ID is Killed
Press Home To Set Weapon ID To Killed
ID Resets to Killed When Your Player Dies
Use Only With Ammo-Pack Etc. Whose Stats Are Not Saved
Does not work with Mantle
As mentioned only works on x64 systems.

Distance ESP
Health ESP
Line ESP
Name ESP
Bone ESP
Only Enemy
Vehicle ESP
Sprite Radar
Soldier Info
Overheat Info
No Sky (PBSS риск)
No Fog (PBSS риск)

Aim At All - Aims In Hellis Etc.
Auto Aim - Only For Infantry, Use Assigned Key To Aim At Vehicles
Auto Shoot - Only For Infantry, Manually Shoot At Vehicles
Type - Fov/Distance/Auto(Distance & Auto FF риск)
Field Of View
Aim Key
Vehicle Aimbot
Vehicle Aim Key

No Recoil
No Spread (FF риск)
No Gravity
No Breath

Soldier One Hit Kill (FF риск)
Vehicle One Hit Kill (FF риск)
Rate Of Fire (FF Risk)
JetSpeed Controller
Unlock Attachments
Spectator Warning
Weapon ID Change (FF риск)

Save Settings

Changes to v2 :
Removed SuperClimb (Patched)
Added AutoAim
Added AutoShoot
Added JetSpeed Controller
Optimized Code

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