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CS:GO — Hook v4.0 [13.12.2015]
14.12.2015, 00:44

CS:GO — Hook v4.0 [13.12.2015]

GUI Features:

•Custom Cursor
•Boxes Clickable.
•Colored boxes when booled.

ESP Features:
[Изображение: 9c8286d9e9ff2c153a2e4c8c4e7073c6.png]

•ESP Enabled. Enables the ESP Features.
•Box Draws a box on the entity
•Name Draws players name
•Weapon Draws players active weapon
•Health Draws a healthbar
•Team Activates all features above on your team as well.

Aimbot Features:
[Изображение: a507b986e6a9c7eae2b5ba72ca64d0c3.gif]
[Изображение: 48c1381a2ec7d3123d4de1918019cc3f.gif]

•Aimbot Enabled. Aimbot is enabled, crosshair will telehop to players Heads. Current Bone: 6
•Aimbot Silent Adds silent to the aimbot, which means you can shoot where you want
•Autoshoot Fire's automatically when a player is visible.
•NoSpread Makes your shots go perfect [Only HVH]

Misc Features:
[Изображение: 0d7869acf5e6372a5dcec27446e6cba0.gif]

•Chat Spam Spam servers with a beautiful message
•Auto Stop Your player will STOP moving when you shoot
•Auto Crouch Your player will CROUCH when you shoot
•Bhop No need bhop skills, just hold down SPACEbar.

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