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DarkLinux - WoW Hack 4.1.0
16.10.2015, 20:22

DarkLinux - WoW Hack 4.1.0

Функции чита:
FlyHack(Чтобы он работал опустите камеру вниз и жмите пробел)

Instructions :
1) Start wow or hack in any order
2) Attach the program to wow
3) Click on the hack or memory editing tool
4) I think the rest is self explanatory.

Memory Editing Tool :
The memory tool gives you the ability do it your self. Fallow this guide to see how it works.
Example [M2Collision1] [4.0.6a ONLY!]

Things To Know :
- You can get banned! (I am currently using it on my bot with no problems)
- Do not use hack between and type of loading screen

Supports :
Hack : WoW Version 4.1.0
Memory Tool : Any WoW Version

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